Thursday, September 15, 2011

Google says I have to make a new email address to continue this blog

That is lame. I don't want another email address. I want to access this blog with the email address I used to start it. Google has apparently decided that I can't use my email address on this blog, since that email address belongs to a pre-existing domain. It does. It's my domain. I've been using this email address with this blog for about a year, and then when Google Accounts happened my email address became mysteriously disassociated from itself. Now, because my email address exists, it can't be used to access this blog. This makes me want to never use Google for anything ever again, which is sad, because up until this they were doing great. There are a bunch of other irritating things that started to happen when Google Accounts kicked in. As happens so often, it wasn't until they had snaked tendrils into every aspect of our life that we realized they were evil. So this blog will be discontinued, and I will make my own blog using Ruby on Rails that Google can't mess with.

I'm mad at Google. This blog is done. Will post my new one soon.