Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zine Party Tonight tonight!

San Jose's underground (by which i mean slightly less produced: Works Gallery had a whole zine-to-the-masses week a couple months ago, with workshops and professional mentors and greatness. Now that i'm talking about it, i'm sorry i missed it. This was just, y'know, a zineparty.) zine event went off full awesomeness ahead tonight. Some highlights (among many) were Reiko Miyagawa's tribute to Dirty Harry, kittyhotpants' hand-stitched ephemera, and Matthew Seigel's Tips for Lovers. (that guy has good advice. heh.) Some more highlights were Cat Food Millionaire, Yumi's felt zines, and the Create-Your-Own Hipster Boyfriend Chart. There's basically too much good stuff to mention right now; i would get totally bored telling you about it. If there's a complete list anywhere i'll link.

Zine Party Tonight happened at Kaleid Gallery, and was put together by Yumiko Miyagawa

Yeah! Zine Party Tonight go! Yumi wins!

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