Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pro Artist: the MMORPG

Players: 1-6,000,000

You are an artist. Make art, put on shows, and publicize yourself to win friends, make connections, and someday rise to that barely dreamt-of height;

make a living at art.

The following is a task list for each level, somewhat customized to me. Customize it to yourself.

Lvl 1: Who?
Make 15 pieces of art.
Have a show at a coffee shop or other place of business.
Hang out at galleries and make friends with people in the art community.
Repeat until level 2 tasks are possible.

Lvl 2: Oh i think i heard something about you...
Make 30 additional pieces of art.
Set up an Etsy with something on it.
Have a show (group or solo) at an art-specific space.
If your art is up for longer than a month, update it monthly. Make it look nice.
Make art for and attend TBT.
Make a website for your comics.
Reprint SJzine and get copies to the people who said they wanted one.
Get the tree piece to Angeline.
Teach art classes.

Lvl 3: Local artist
Make your Etsy full of objects and easy to maneuver.
Attend SFZF and make 2 new friends.
Table at APE. Bring all your zines and prints and small pieces. Do free sketches. Be proactive. Make back your stand fee.
Start the new comic and update it regularly.
Look for art teaching opportunities. Apply to two of them.
Promote your website or Etsy 2 ways.
Keep your website updated with shows and news.
Volunteer or find work using art in the community.

Lvl 4: Kind of a big deal
i will let you know when i get there.


  1. Tree piece! We are most likely coming down for Thanksgiving, what if I got a friend of mine to pick up the drawing and hold onto it for us until then? If that works for you then I'll find someone AND...send you money, do you have Paypal?

  2. Hi! I saw you at the APE mixer a couple weeks ago (I make a comic called Beardfluff) and got your card. I love how much energy you have and how productive you are! Especially this article really shows that sometimes you just need to get in gear and DO instead of think. Very inspiring!